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I am uploading a short video by selecting one of the existing videos.
I think it will give people who watched the video the joy of the short edited video. And for those who haven't seen it, it will be an opportunity to introduce the video.
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Full video : (37)Acrylic Pouring _ Beautiful Flowers _ with Straw _ Designer Gemma77
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I experiment with new acrylic pouring techniques and show you on YouTube.
Thank you very much for watching my video.
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Don't re-upload and edit in any form.

My Paint Mixing Formula for Acrylic Pouring
Fluid Acrylic : Fluid medium -1:1
+ A Little Water
Liquitex Basic Acrylic : Fluid medium - 8 : 10
+ Water
(The fluid medium I used is Elmer’s Glue-All.)

BGM : A Long Cold - Riot
* The music I used is free music provided by YouTube.

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