Emergency Hacks For Smart Moms And Dads || Everyday Parenting Tips

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Hello, smart and crafty parents :) In this video, we will share with you useful hacks for emergencies that you need to know. For example, when your kids get a slight injury while playing outside, you can use a tampon to stop the blood. If it happens at home, you can freeze a pack of marshmallows or other snacks your kid loves and use it to reduce the bruise. In addition, you will find many smart hacks that will make your visit to a doctor fun and less stressful for your child. Keep watching to learn more everyday parenting hacks. If your child is super picky, play a game with a colorful cube and let your child choose what they will eat through the game ;) If your child loves playing with toothpaste and wastes it so much, we recommend you get a special toothpaste tool. With it, you will save lots of money
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