How to use Kokedama balls to display moth orchids

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Cheating the system or making life easy is what this segment is all about. Just recently I discovered pre-made coconut fibre pre-made Kokedama balls. I have demonstrated how to make these several years ago. My delight at finding these has taken floral life to a whole new level. Yes, you can add soil and quickly plant up, but as I discovered, hanging them inside can create issues – water dripping all over the place.

The uses are numerous. Today’s exercise is to share how wonderful they look with artificial orchids and leaves for a more permanent no-fuss display. My vision is to display them under the balcony near my newly established Japanese garden. Although light and airy, the wind does whip up and whirl around this area which creates a draft and fresh orchids will not thrive – as I discovered, at great cost.

Things to gather:
- Check out amazon or similar for the Kokedama balls. They come in various sizes and shapes complete with string hanger and hook.
- Orchids and leaves to suit.

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