Now I never buy Christmas decorations! I make them myself, it's much more interesting and cheaper!

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Someone will object, why do it yourself, when all the shops are littered with Christmas toys, wreaths, garlands, for every taste and color...

But there are a few very important points that give a clear advantage to homemade Christmas decorations over those sold in the store:

1) firstly, it is a unique design (you yourself can create a product of any size, shape and use any decorations you want for it, and this will be a truly author's work, which no one else will have!);
2) secondly, this is a great way to save money on Christmas decorations (finished products always cost several times more than those that you made yourself);
3) and thirdly, finally, this is just an exciting and interesting activity that can brighten up your leisure time and captivate with creativity!

1. Christmas crescent moon, a chic DIY Christmas decoration 0:00
2. DIY artificial Christmas tree 4:15

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